New Workers’ Compensation Code

New Workers’ Compensation Code

The NY Compensation Rating Board has created a new classification for employees working from home or for those employees who are idle and still on your payroll.  See our link for more details.

Effective immediately, for all NY workers’ compensation policies in effect for the period 3/16/20 – 4/30/20, a new classification code has been created for workers who are now performing clerical duties from home (previously, they were performing non-clerical duties) due to COVID-19 or for those employees who are not performing any duties for your company yet, are still on your company’s payroll and previously, were in a class code higher than clerical.  The new code is “Telecommuter Reassigned Employees” code number 8873.

This new code can be added now or upon audit.  Please call your insurance broker for further details and modifications to your current policy.

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