Coop, Condominium & Homeowner Association Services

Coops, condominium and homeowner association board members are required to pay significant attention to their association’s business and accounting functions. Fuller Lowenberg & Co., which works with a majority of the coop, condominium and homeowners’ associations, understands that boards consist of volunteers who often require guidance to facilitate their decision-making and to uphold their fiduciary responsibilities to the association. We can help board members meet their commitment and ensure that the financial future of thier community is bright.

The CPAs and other financial experts at Fuller Lowenberg & Co. have significant experience in coop, condominium and homeowner association accounting and taxation. We offer a variety of customized services to meet every level of need — from small homeowners’ associations to large commercial associations. Related services include:

  • Compilations, reviews or audits based on by-law requirements
  • Annual reporting to the board of directors and members
  • Assistance with the association’s implementation of internal controls, budget preparation, cash flow projections and financial projections and forecasts