Lease Analysis

We can assist in helping you decide whether it’s more advantageous to buy or lease a certain asset or office space procurement.

Procurement of Credit Facilities

With our multitude of relationship with many banks, surety companies and other financial institutions, we can assist and advise you in procuring the right type of financing for your business and borrowing needs.


Whether managing an existing ESOP company or considering selling to a newly formed ESOP, the unique opportunities and challenges presented oftentimes are not encountered under other ownership structures or sales to third parties. Your business advisors should have the in-depth knowledge, experience and resources to help manage these opportunities and challenges, protect assets, and provide innovative ideas.

Fuller Lowenberg & Co. knows the value and challenges of an ESOP firsthand. We understand the distinct opportunities an ESOP provides to owners and employees and know that the key to staying ahead is having knowledgeable, trusted advisors on your side. Fuller Lowenberg & Co. serves as business, tax, and accounting advisors to employee-owned companies across a variety of industries. ESOP related services include:

  • Consultation in applying ESOP accounting
  • Entity and transaction structuring
  • ESOP benefit plan audits
  • Executive benefits structuring and modeling
  • Succession planning and executive compensation studies
  • Tax structuring and planning/preparation

Our professionals combine the depth of ESOP financial advisory experience with the breadth that comes from the firm’s position as a leader in the areas of audit, tax and consulting services. Additionally, our close and long-term relationships with trustees, attorneys, third-party administrators and financial institutions committed to ESOPs means we can build a team to provide you with the best resources and the most knowledgeable professional advice available.

Bookkeeping & Related System Recommendations & Installation

Implementing and maintaining an accurate and easy to use bookkeeping system along with the selection of related software are the key ingredients to being able to track all of your company’s financial transactions which will lead to the preparation of accurate financial analysis and financial statements. We can help establish and implement such a system, train your staff and monitor it throughout the year. Our CPAs and computer specialists are properly trained to assist you and your staff in this area.

Start Up Businesses

Having a great idea for a business is only the start. The key to long term success is a good foundation. We can give the guidance and nurture you and your start up business with sound advice when it comes to the fundamentals of running a business. Fuller Lowenberg & Co can help choose which business structure is best for you. We can ensure you’re on the right path with incorporation paperwork, business filings, applying for EIN (Employer identification numbers), registering for sales and payroll taxes, etc. We will help educate you on operating a business and are always here to offer you advice.

Once your business is operating, we will then help ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest filing requirements and laws that effect your business.

We can also help with budgets, choosing software, training on QuickBooks, business plans, business forecasting, loans and the SBA loan processes.